10 Things I Wish I Brought to College

When my sister moved into her dorm, she forgot all her underwear and my mom had to express ship them the next day. When I moved in, I managed to keep my undergarments in tow, but I did have to make multiple drug store runs in the next few weeks. With university acceptances coming out around this time of year, I thought it would be a good time to post about some typically forgotten items that’ll you’ll be happy to have when the time comes.


Even if you live in a single room, there will be a Mr. Noodles spill or sticky aftermath from a party. The plague will travel through your dorm. You are living in a germ bath, and it’s handy to have anti-bacterial wipes to help address that situation.


Detergent and bounce sheets may seem sufficient, but when you’re using subpar laundry machines, you’re going to need a little extra something to make your clothes smell clean. Half the battle is carrying your laundry bin to the basement, and is a waste of energy if your laundry doesn’t even feel squeaky clean afterwards. I like these scent boosters because it gives that clean laundry smell.


Microwave, fridge, kettle, blowdryer, desk lamp, computer charger, phone charger… need I go on? You might get one or two outlets, so a power bar is a total necessity. Make sure to buy one with a surge protector, because its a miracle I haven’t burned my dorm down considering the amount of times I have blown my power. I guarantee – you will never have enough plugs. Consider packing an extension cord as well. You never know if your single outlet will be on the opposite side of the room!


I don’t think having a coffee maker is really necessary. Most of the time, you’re going to be getting a to-go cup on the road, but I think it’s super important to have some sort of caffeine in your room when it’s two in the morning and you’re almost finished that paper but your forehead is hitting the keyboard.


You will bomb a paper. You will get the plague. You will run out of makeup wipes. You will get involved in some sort of drama. Buy boxes of these.


Between hangovers and the constant surrounding of germs, you’re going to feel run down and under the weather more than you’re probably used to. I would recommend Advil, Immodium, Pepto – anything for general ailments.


Living with other people is loud. Living with people who are probably experiencing freedom to schedule their life for the first time is very loud. Having the option to tune out the noise when there’s a big party and you have a big exam at 9am the next day comes in handy. Even if you only need them once or twice a term, they’re handy to have around if you’re a light sleeper like myself!


By university, hopefully you have a study technique down pat. Even so, I would totally recommend the flash card method of studying. I use recipe cards to make flash cards when I study and test myself on exam material. The amount of times I’ve had to run out and by these 48 hours before the exam is embarrassing. Buy these in bulk!


These things come in handy for so many reasons. I use command hooks to organize my purses, hang wet towels and bathrobe, create a gallery wall, have a wall calendar, etc etc. In dorms, you’re normally not allowed to damage the walls, and these bad boys rock because you’re installing wall hooks without drilling holes. They also are reusable – you can take the hooks off the wall and just get a new command strip and use it in a new location. This is super handy if you’re going to be living in residence for multiple years, like me!


Some of my favourite university moments happened in a friend’s room when a group of us just casually got together and debriefed whatever event had happened. If you’re going to be hosting people in your room, make sure you have snacks to share and something girly to do, like nail polish or face masks. Though living in a dorm can be gross at times, you’re going to have a lot of great memories there, so make sure you have the tools to make this the best time of your life!

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