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December 2014


Lillet & Champagne Berry Cocktail Recipe

The best present I ever received was a chance to go through the tasting menu at Auberge du Pommier. Not only did I feel absolutely extravagant for eating 7 courses, I also had one of those “I’ve peaked” revelations moments after being introduced to Lillet. Served to me chilled, garnished with an orange rind, this aperitif wine was just absolute perfection on its own, just before the meal. But what makes this  drink a total aha moment is its versatility, especially in cocktails. I like wine. I like cocktails. Never did I realize the two could be so harmoniously intertwined. In a champagne flute, no less! Or a martini glass; serve with gin and vodka, and you’ve got yourself James Bond’s cocktail from Casino Royale. There’s a reason the world’s suavest man loves this drink – it’s divine.

Today, I’ve taken a twist in a fruiter direction and put together a Lillet & Champagne Berry Cocktail. Perfectly sweet, this is a breakfast, lunch and dinner drink. It won’t even tell you what to pair it with because it’d be a crime. Serve it for your New Year’s toasting for a super sweet 2015! Keep reading for the recipe. Continue Reading

Free New Years Background Wallpaper Download

New Year, New Wallpaper: Free Download

Serious question – where did this year go? I can’t believe 2015 is right around the corner. You hear “New Year, New You” pretty much everywhere around this time of year, and I am in love that mantra, but I just hadn’t been feeling it this year. I’ve been really focused on starting up Paperclips & Peonies, that I felt like I had my professional new year when I published my first post almost a month ago. But personally, I’ve had a serious case of the holiday blahs ever since I got my wisdom teeth out 3 days before Christmas. Then, I discovered the Firework People community this week, and it was just the motivation I needed to get into the head space for 2015. As I read in capitals how close I was to the best year of my life, I genuinely started to believe it! 2015 – I’m ready for you. And I’m ready to rock it. 

As a self-identified quote-a-holic, I always use inspirational quotes as my background, just for that extra motivation every time I’m using a gadget. Which is a LOT. So if you’re needing a little kick in the butt every time you open your iPhone or laptop, feel free to use these backgrounds for some 2015 motivation.  Continue Reading

DIY Washi Tape Straw Flags {paperclips & peonies}

DIY Washi Tape Straw Flags

I’ll admit, I hoard paper straws by the dozen. Living in a land of red solo cups and tiki shot glasses from various vacation destinations, I love dressing up my drink by throwing in a straw. Why wear sweatpants when you can wear sequins? Blinged out bevs is the entertaining equivalent. A new trend I’ve seen all over events big and small is adding custom flags to drinking straws. I’ve used gold polkadot and glitter washi tape to bring out the New Years in my cup, but you could use any type of tape to amp up the colour scheme at your event. Monogram it, fringe it, live your life! I’ve shown the basic how-to in this tutorial, but get creative with it! Check out the step by step instructions below. Continue Reading

Winter Wine & Cheese Tasting Party {paperclips & peonies}

A Winter Wine & Cheese Party

At school, a group of friends and I serve on a Wine & Cheese Tasting Society. As pretentious as this sounds, its a ton of fun getting a group of students together who normally are drinking whatever’s cheapest on the rack, and learn about a product that’s typically out of their price range. Anyways, wine education is my favourite type of education. In early December, we hosted a festive Truffle Brie & Eggnog tasting, which literally was the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted in my entire life. Truffle is a bit of luxury everyone should experience, and my taste buds can confirm the validity of this statement.  Continue Reading

The Best Recipes to Get Yourself Back to Your Best after the Holidays {paperclips & peonies}

Post-Christmas Cleanse

The holidays are full of sweets and treats. Some of my favourite holiday traditions are rooted in family recipes, or spending time baking in the kitchen. Now that the holidays are coming to a close, the sugar coma is kicking in and all I want to do is lounge around and nibble into leftover baking. Since the new year is coming up, its a great time to kick your system into gear and refresh your body. I’m not willing to give up my enjoyment of food for cleansing purposes – one time I went on a juice cleanse to drop weight quickly before prom and I literally became a monster and went to McDonald’s after the third day. So, I’ve put together some seasonally appropriate recipes that are not only delicious, but also have some added health benefits to help get your mind and body in shape for the new year! Continue Reading


Hot Cocoa Cookie Recipe

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, other than the merry maids working away in the kitchen! After having many amazing cups of hot chocolate this holiday season, I was inspired to bake hot cocoa cookies to leave out for Santa. These cookies are super dark and rich, and the presentation with the melted chocolate and marshmallow on top is super festive and adorable. Before you settle down for your long winter’s nap, click through for the recipe and bake away!

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gold foiled & pine presents from paperclips & peonies

Last Minute Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Gold foiled wrapping paper, velvet ribbon, fresh pine… the best wrapping jobs are all about diverse textures and materials. You can see all of those gift wrapping textures under my tree this year! You really can invoke any colour palette or style – I like the bling, my sister likes kraft paper and string – but what makes Christmas magical to me is the richness surrounding everything. Personally, that’s why I love using rich materials like silk and velvet, and luxurious textures like gold foil and glitter.

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Travel Diaries: SHOP.CA Christmas Market

A few weekends ago, my boyfriend and I went to the Toronto Christmas market, presented by and American Express. We went right as the sun was setting, so we got about half an hour in the sun, and the rest was lit by the most tastefully done christmas light display you have ever seen, without getting to the Griswald level. We listened to carollers in front of this gigantic christmas tree, then walked around and had different bits & sips & bites, which ended up turning into a 6 course event. Continue Reading

DIY christmas ornament gift tags {paperclips & peonies}

DIY Christmas Ornaments

I live in a female residence where there is a lot of note exchanging and present giving for any holiday. We’re just a step below sending those primary school Scooby-Doo Valentines to each-other. When walking into my room a couple of days ago, I saw a candy cane peeking out of my mailbox. This was a signal; I had forgotten to make presents for my housemates and needed to fix this stat! Everyone is running short on time around the holidays, so I thought I’d show you the five minute craft I whipped up.

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