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January 2015

love letters - valentine day cards

10 Perfect Valentine’s Day Cards

Hand written notes are something really important to me, especially in my relationship. Coming back after a day of class to find a note on my pillow, or sneaking a quick letter into a school binder is a regular practice. When a special occasion is looming, its time to amp up our game. Love isn’t about diamonds or expensive flower arrangements; it’s about letting your partner know that they matter to you. What better way to share that by writing it out?

Spread the love any & every way possible the Valentine’s Day – or this 2015 in fact. Leave a note in your special someone’s sock drawer. Leave a scroll inside their favourite coffee mug. Make hearts on a steamy mirror during their shower. Whatever way you choose to do it, let your partner know that they’re special in a tangible way. Spread the love; get your love lettering on and read through to see my favourite Valentine Cards. Continue Reading

make your own DIY valentine's day gift tags

Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

Washi tape is my favourite crafting tool right now. Whether using it to gift wrap, or to spice up my cocktails, washi tape is a really affordable yet effortless way to add a little Martha into your craft. For Valentine’s day, I’ve used washi tape to spice up some plain gift tags. Open your crafting bin and find leftover gift tags and a few different patterns of washi tape in the same palette. What I love about this craft is that its a fun way to incorporate prints & patterns in a set colour scheme. Pinks & purple florals are a natural choice for this holiday, but change it up for whatever occasion you feel fit!

If you aren’t close enough with someone to fill up a full greeting card, using large lettering can come across as distasteful. Scratch the card all together and add a small but sweet gift tag to a small present. Read through for pictures of what I came up with. Continue Reading

DIY Calligraphy Thank You Card

Give Thanks

This week started off as a great one. After a restful weekend at my family home to recover from the flu, I had a lot of love & laughs in my week. I chopped off my hair, got dolled up for wonderful date nights, and ended it off with celebrating a friend’s birthday with delicious mojitos. Saturday morning was a quiet one, spent doing small errands and general recovering. Before I had a chance to tackle any homework, news broke that a very dear friend to my boyfriend had passed away. Without getting into many details, it was a total shock to all and left lots to be deliberated.

The plans for the day changed, and the weekend has become one of remembrance instead. The universe works in strange ways; its such a bizarre truth that it takes grief and loss to appreciate what’s right in front of you.  Continue Reading

Candy Cane Inspired Christmas Tablescape {paperclips & peonies}

Red & White Stripe Dinner Party

If you read my last post, you’d remember how big of an affair Christmas is in my house. Often, we can’t fit everyone into one room. While it’s not the greatest not seating everyone together, it gives the opportunity to have two decorating themes. The more Christmas, the merrier!

The second room was inspired by a Dr. Seuss Christmas – using a bold candy cane stripe as the main pattern, and using red, white and silver as the colour scheme. I used a silver ink pad and an acorn stamp on red card stock for the place cards. I thought the stamp was a great way to bring the two colour schemes from both rooms together, despite the varying themes. What I love about this room is the versatility for Valentine’s Day. Take out the ornaments and throw in some red roses instead! Read through for the pictures. Continue Reading

Christmas Tablescape {paperclips & peonies}

Glitter & Gold Christmas Tablescape

I know it’s late – but who am I kidding – I only just burnt through the rest of my Christmas candles yesterday so I figured this post was still appropriate. My family is abnormally large, so holidays in our house are really a collaborative affair. Everyone does their part: my aunt hosted & cooked, my sister photographed, and I made the place cards. I was thrilled to help out as I was dying to use this acorn stamp, used with a gold & silver stamp pad, bringing together the natural elements, as well as the metallic decor. My favourite element of this tablescape might be the fairy lights table runner, interspersed with gilded partridges & pears. So festive, right? The lighting was really intimate, creating a really magical Christmas dinner. Read through for the rest of the photos! Continue Reading

siesta sunday link loving {paperclips & peonies}

Siesta Sunday

Praise the lord – there’s still one more day left until Monday! I don’t know about you, but this weekend was absolutely necessary for me. Sweatpants and snuggles are the name of the game today, but with January half over, I thought I’d gear this Sunday’s post with a more inspirational vibe. Two full weeks into 2015 and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels the New Year’s motivation running dry. I think I have the super-flu going around and I’ve been feeling super horrible, making me behind on all my to-do lists. Instead of beating myself up, I’ve decided to accept that I will never accomplish everything. There will always be something else to do. Looking after myself has to be at the top of that list, or else nothing else will be done to the standard that I expect from myself.

While being sick in bed, I’ve come across some great things across the web. Here’s a curation of my favourite findings that have given me a pick me up this week. Snuggle up in something cozy and feel inspired! Continue Reading

winter fashion style guide {paperclips & peonies}

Polar Vortex Fashion

In case you’ve been lucky enough to be hibernating this winter, it’s really cold outside. Living in an 100 year old building with concrete walls and drafty windows, I spend most of my time bundled up under layers of blankets, in a fleece onesie, with my hands on top of the heater. Investing in long underwear proved to be very practical when going to school in Toronto, as I often wear hot chillys under my jeans. And super thermal socks. And multiple sweaters at a time. While I just can’t justify breaking the bank on a Canada Goose jacket, layering up is still essential for survival in this polar vortex climate. Read through for some preppy & fashion forward options to keep you warm – or at least not frost bitten – this winter. Continue Reading

Cinnamon French Toast Muffins

Eggnog Cinnamon French Toast Muffins

That title is a mouthful, right? So are these muffins; with a fluffy, pancakey texture swirled with cinnamon sugar, these belong in your mouth. Drizzle with a little pure Canadian maple syrup and you’ve got yourself the perfect breakfast to go. The eggnog really brings out the eggy french toast flavour. Also, I needed to get rid of my holiday leftovers somehow. If you’re making this any other time of the year, substitute eggnog for buttermilk or whole milk instead Simple to make, just bake these the night before and reheat in the morning for a stress-free morning. Continue reading for the recipe. Continue Reading

paperclips & peonies link loving

Liebster Award Link Loving

Major shout-out to Shannon from The Endless Spirit {hurray for the Firework People community for bringing us together!} for nominating me for the Liebster Awards! The Liebster Award is basically a chain letter of blogging love. Bloggers answer 11 questions from the person who tagged them, then tag their favourite bloggers with under 200 followers, giving them new questions to answer. How tender is that? Continue Reading