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August 2015


how to end your internship

You’ve learned everyone’s names, how to format a memo, and even how to work the Keurig. And after all that? It’s time to leave! While back to school shopping and dorm room DIY-ing might be at the top of your to-do list, finish what you started first – end your summer internship the right way. Read through for some tips to end your summer internship on a high note. Continue Reading


watercolour inspired party

Every August long weekend, its a family tradition to go up North and spend the weekend together cottaging. Typically, I try to keep my Vogues dry as the dock slowly becomes submerged, thanks to the Langford clan making settlement with their discussions of the state of the Liberal party and whatever was on the front page of the Globe. I for one had a huge treat this year to shift the focus from questioning about the state of my absent LSAT scores (with little intent to be completed, might I add) to whispers of venues and colour schemes. My cousin recently got engaged, which is the most exciting family news in the past decade; it’s literally been almost ten years since we got to fawn over a happy couple with a Langford wedding! While a big family like ours might have a big set of personalities, there is one thing we’re for sure good at – celebrating! I styled an engagement fete for the two, starting with an idea for watercolour place cards in a natural, watery colour palette, since we were going to be sipping our champagne lakeside. Read through for some more pictures about this engagement fiesta! Continue Reading