about me / favourite things {paperclips & peonies}I’m on a mission to make the everyday a little more beautiful by sprinkling in some sass into the mundane.

By day, I am a student at the high paced University of Toronto at Trinity College, where I learn about Peace and Conflict Studies. In my first two years at UofT, I realized how unhappy I was struggling to fit the mould of academia. While my peers would be worried about applying to the UN for their next internship, my main concern was how to perfect the tissue paper pom pom. I’m passionate about gilded office supplies, making someone smile, and being in awe over the crazy beautiful things that nature makes without even referring to a Pinterest tutorial.

Thanks for joining me in my efforts to reembody the all-mighty Martha, while throwing in a bit of J-Law flair. Paperclips & Peonies is all about being accountable to fuel my creative side, be it through crafting, cooking, or attempting to seem like a put-together human, and I can’t wait to have you come along for the ride.