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gold wine bottle centerpieces

wine bottle centrepieces

This has got to be the easiest craft ever – & it looks so elegant! All you need is to hold onto your empty wine bottles, a can of gold spray paint, and white candles. Put them together and you’ll have a cost-effective & sophisticated centrepiece for your event. Read more for step-by-step instructions on how to repurpose your wine bottles into something really memorable. Continue Reading

Easter egg greeting cards diy

Easter Egg Cards

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Easter is one of my favourite holidays, just because of the pastels. Also Mini Eggs. I am very grateful for Mini Eggs. I got Egg-inspired and made some cards in a spring colour scheme. These could also work well as place cards for your easter table scape. Click through for the steps & pictures!

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how to dry erase calendar with paint chips

DIY Dry Erase Calendar using Paint Chips

Organizational DIYs just might be my favourite type of craft. I feel like I’m killing two birds with one stone by creating home decor while getting my life together. This version by Maple & Magnolia has blown up over Pinterest, so when I first moved into residence, I knew this was a dorm craft I had to tackle. Almost effortless to create, this project is a brilliant way to tie together a colour scheme in a trendy way. Practice your hand-lettering in a new medium & try new fonts on your calendar! Continue Reading


Throwback Thursday: Calligraphy Workshop by LH Calligraphy

This week, I’m throwing back to this past September, where I picked up the art of hand lettering at the Laura Hooper Calligraphy workshop at Smudge Designs Studio. After working all summer in a serious research job, I knew I needed a creativity boost stat. I saw an Instagram post from Laura saying her first Canadian workshop was going to be in Toronto, and it was total fate. I signed up as soon as I could and counted down the days!

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FEBRUARY MOOD BOARD {paperclips & peonies}
DIY, Personal

February Mood Board

This month is all about love. Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone (this is probably the first year I’ve been super excited about it to be honest), but love is universal. Make an effort to spread the love this month! I’m doing this by spending time with people that I love, as well as doing the things that I love. Here are a collection of images & how-to’s found across the internet that are giving me serious life – all in a Valentine’s colour scheme!  Continue Reading

DIY mason jar valentine's card


Valentine’s season is in full bloom over at Paperclips & Peonies! After sharing my favourite Etsy Valentine’s Day Cards last week, I thought I’d show you a DIY card for those like to to make it yourself. Though you could totally just use the printable attached in the instructions below to craft this card, I recommend tracing it onto photocopy paper to really bring it home that you spent the time to create a homemade card. I’ve used Valentine’s patterned paper for the background & heart embellishments, but use any pattern or colour of your choosing to make this craft personal to you. This card is perfect for your partner, best friend, or family member! Read through to see the finished product.  Continue Reading

make your own DIY valentine's day gift tags

Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

Washi tape is my favourite crafting tool right now. Whether using it to gift wrap, or to spice up my cocktails, washi tape is a really affordable yet effortless way to add a little Martha into your craft. For Valentine’s day, I’ve used washi tape to spice up some plain gift tags. Open your crafting bin and find leftover gift tags and a few different patterns of washi tape in the same palette. What I love about this craft is that its a fun way to incorporate prints & patterns in a set colour scheme. Pinks & purple florals are a natural choice for this holiday, but change it up for whatever occasion you feel fit!

If you aren’t close enough with someone to fill up a full greeting card, using large lettering can come across as distasteful. Scratch the card all together and add a small but sweet gift tag to a small present. Read through for pictures of what I came up with. Continue Reading

Free New Years Background Wallpaper Download

New Year, New Wallpaper: Free Download

Serious question – where did this year go? I can’t believe 2015 is right around the corner. You hear “New Year, New You” pretty much everywhere around this time of year, and I am in love that mantra, but I just hadn’t been feeling it this year. I’ve been really focused on starting up Paperclips & Peonies, that I felt like I had my professional new year when I published my first post almost a month ago. But personally, I’ve had a serious case of the holiday blahs ever since I got my wisdom teeth out 3 days before Christmas. Then, I discovered the Firework People community this week, and it was just the motivation I needed to get into the head space for 2015. As I read in capitals how close I was to the best year of my life, I genuinely started to believe it! 2015 – I’m ready for you. And I’m ready to rock it. 

As a self-identified quote-a-holic, I always use inspirational quotes as my background, just for that extra motivation every time I’m using a gadget. Which is a LOT. So if you’re needing a little kick in the butt every time you open your iPhone or laptop, feel free to use these backgrounds for some 2015 motivation.  Continue Reading

DIY Washi Tape Straw Flags {paperclips & peonies}

DIY Washi Tape Straw Flags

I’ll admit, I hoard paper straws by the dozen. Living in a land of red solo cups and tiki shot glasses from various vacation destinations, I love dressing up my drink by throwing in a straw. Why wear sweatpants when you can wear sequins? Blinged out bevs is the entertaining equivalent. A new trend I’ve seen all over events big and small is adding custom flags to drinking straws. I’ve used gold polkadot and glitter washi tape to bring out the New Years in my cup, but you could use any type of tape to amp up the colour scheme at your event. Monogram it, fringe it, live your life! I’ve shown the basic how-to in this tutorial, but get creative with it! Check out the step by step instructions below. Continue Reading