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watercolour inspired party

Every August long weekend, its a family tradition to go up North and spend the weekend together cottaging. Typically, I try to keep my Vogues dry as the dock slowly becomes submerged, thanks to the Langford clan making settlement with their discussions of the state of the Liberal party and whatever was on the front page of the Globe. I for one had a huge treat this year to shift the focus from questioning about the state of my absent LSAT scores (with little intent to be completed, might I add) to whispers of venues and colour schemes. My cousin recently got engaged, which is the most exciting family news in the past decade; it’s literally been almost ten years since we got to fawn over a happy couple with a Langford wedding! While a big family like ours might have a big set of personalities, there is one thing we’re for sure good at – celebrating! I styled an engagement fete for the two, starting with an idea for watercolour place cards in a natural, watery colour palette, since we were going to be sipping our champagne lakeside. Read through for some more pictures about this engagement fiesta! Continue Reading

talk derby to me - paperclips & peonies kentucky derby
Hosting, Toasting

Talk Derby To Me

A few weeks ago, I attended a party with the costume memo “dress like a sport.” Though most took a traditionally athletic route, Cameron and I went for a very authentically us approach instead and dressed up as Kentucky Derby attendees. Mint juleps were drunk and floppy hats were worn. Southern style and society is something we both love, making this a really memorable event. Even if you’re a home grown Canadian like me, if you have a little Southern Belle in your blood, host a Kentucky Derby styled event yourself! Read through for more inspiration. Continue Reading

Candy Cane Inspired Christmas Tablescape {paperclips & peonies}

Red & White Stripe Dinner Party

If you read my last post, you’d remember how big of an affair Christmas is in my house. Often, we can’t fit everyone into one room. While it’s not the greatest not seating everyone together, it gives the opportunity to have two decorating themes. The more Christmas, the merrier!

The second room was inspired by a Dr. Seuss Christmas – using a bold candy cane stripe as the main pattern, and using red, white and silver as the colour scheme. I used a silver ink pad and an acorn stamp on red card stock for the place cards. I thought the stamp was a great way to bring the two colour schemes from both rooms together, despite the varying themes. What I love about this room is the versatility for Valentine’s Day. Take out the ornaments and throw in some red roses instead! Read through for the pictures. Continue Reading

Christmas Tablescape {paperclips & peonies}

Glitter & Gold Christmas Tablescape

I know it’s late – but who am I kidding – I only just burnt through the rest of my Christmas candles yesterday so I figured this post was still appropriate. My family is abnormally large, so holidays in our house are really a collaborative affair. Everyone does their part: my aunt hosted & cooked, my sister photographed, and I made the place cards. I was thrilled to help out as I was dying to use this acorn stamp, used with a gold & silver stamp pad, bringing together the natural elements, as well as the metallic decor. My favourite element of this tablescape might be the fairy lights table runner, interspersed with gilded partridges & pears. So festive, right? The lighting was really intimate, creating a really magical Christmas dinner. Read through for the rest of the photos! Continue Reading

Winter Wine & Cheese Tasting Party {paperclips & peonies}

A Winter Wine & Cheese Party

At school, a group of friends and I serve on a Wine & Cheese Tasting Society. As pretentious as this sounds, its a ton of fun getting a group of students together who normally are drinking whatever’s cheapest on the rack, and learn about a product that’s typically out of their price range. Anyways, wine education is my favourite type of education. In early December, we hosted a festive Truffle Brie & Eggnog tasting, which literally was the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted in my entire life. Truffle is a bit of luxury everyone should experience, and my taste buds can confirm the validity of this statement.  Continue Reading