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how to travel with only a carry-on bag

How To Travel With Just A Carry-On

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d probably know that Cameron & I just returned from Spring Break in California! While Cameron is an incredibly effective packer, I am one of many who fall victim to the overpacking epidemic. Everytime I travel, I bring out an XXXL suitcase, and fill it to the brim just because I have the space. Once on vacation and everything becomes unfolded and a little disorganized, it is impossible to fit everything back into said suitcase, and I return to the airport with an overflowing purse, carry-on and overflowing bag that surpasses the weight limit. Just because I’m incompetent at organization.

This time around, I told myself that I could not repeat this pattern of chaos. Travelling is hectic enough and any added stress is in my no-fly zone. By only bringing a carry-on & a large purse, I committed to being an efficient and organized packer. If you’re interested in seeing what I brought for a one week vacation, read through for the details. Continue Reading

winter fashion style guide {paperclips & peonies}

Polar Vortex Fashion

In case you’ve been lucky enough to be hibernating this winter, it’s really cold outside. Living in an 100 year old building with concrete walls and drafty windows, I spend most of my time bundled up under layers of blankets, in a fleece onesie, with my hands on top of the heater. Investing in long underwear proved to be very practical when going to school in Toronto, as I often wear hot chillys under my jeans. And super thermal socks. And multiple sweaters at a time. While I just can’t justify breaking the bank on a Canada Goose jacket, layering up is still essential for survival in this polar vortex climate. Read through for some preppy & fashion forward options to keep you warm – or at least not frost bitten – this winter. Continue Reading

Eat, Style

Hello 2015 – the year of Marsala

It’s 2015 readers! I definitely typed 2014 initially because I can’t seem to comprehend how it’s actually 2015. Say what?!? The new year is a time to reflect about what you’re looking forward to, or what you want to change. Though I’m all about goal setting, I think resolutions usually end up following the lines of “I’m going to eat kale 17 times a day,” or “omigaawd i’m so hungover from that nye party, never agaaaain” which is stupid and will be broken in like a week. You can read my full thoughts on resolutions here.

Instead, I’m taking a different spin on this whole 2015 thing and talking about a trend I know I’m actually going to follow through on. See you later Radiant Orchid (who even WERE you??) – it’s Marsala’s time to shine. Continue Reading


Getting Comfy: Lounge Wear Gift Guide

For me, the best part of the holidays is lounging around with family and friends. Especially considering that the holidays come right after the exam burnout, cuddling up with netflix and some hot cocoa is my dream vacay. For the real people out there, the holiday season itself is reason for burnout. Between jumping from holiday party to holiday party, or trying to keep the kitchen clean from all that holiday baking, by the time boxing day comes around, everyone deserves a lazy day. Whether its a Christmas movie or some couch-side crafting, I’ve thrown together some things to make those lazy days comfortable and fabulous, in a relaxing palette too! Continue Reading