how to end your internship

You’ve learned everyone’s names, how to format a memo, and even how to work the Keurig. And after all that? It’s time to leave! While back to school shopping and dorm room DIY-ing might be at the top of your to-do list, finish what you started first – end your summer internship the right way. Read through for some tips to end your summer internship on a high note.

Don’t get sloppy
The way you end your internship is the way you’ll be remembered. Keep the scrolling through your insta feed for bathroom breaks & work your hardest during the 9 to 5.

Ask for feedback
In your last week, make sure you’ve asked for the time to sit down with your supervisor and get some feedback. You can go over all of the work you’ve done over the summer, and see where you can improve. If you’ll be asking for a reference letter in the future, its important to see what your boss thinks of you before its in writing!

If you’re leaving a gift, make it memorable
Gifts are a tricky topic, and it really depends on your office environment. If you’ve seen sweet treats around the office before, bring some baked goods to the break room. Family recipes always make for a great story! If you’re looking for something more specific for your mentor, flowers and gift cards to a favourite store will do. Don’t break the bank though – $25 max!

Send in a thank you note
On your last day, or to be mailed the week after, write a few lines to your supervisors and thank them for the opportunity. Be sure to reference the specific skills you learned or tasks you worked on, so that you’ll be remembered for the work you’ve accomplished. I recommend getting some stationary and writing a hand-written note; emails will get lost and are easily forgotten.

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